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“Our son was not feeling well the day of the photo shoot – but we decided to go ahead with it anyway.  Tami was so excited when we arrived and so accommodating with our son.  She took her time and let him get used to the space.  I informed her that I was not expecting much as he was not feeling well and refuses to cooperate when we try to take pictures.   We wanted to take a family picture but within a minute our son had had enough so we moved on.

Tami let our Son explore her studio and play with different items and worked at his pace.  Tami was very patience through his melt downs, whenever we wanted to call it a day, she re assured us to take our time and came up with different ideas to get our son to do different things.  We all felt very comfortable with her.  I was very impressed with her patience and the way she interacted with him, she was so gentle and we never felt pressured to stick to the clock.  We left the photo shoot thinking we likely had a few good shots, but over all had a positive experience and discussed trying again when our son was feeling better.

When I went back a few weeks later to view the proofs I was surprised by all the great shots.  I knew Tami was very talented, but I know what she had to work with that day, and it was not the ideal situation!  I was amazed at the creativity and how she managed to really capture his true spirit.  She even managed to get several great family shots – I was thrilled!!  I absolutely love the end product – there were so many great pictures it was hard to choose – I can only imagine what she would be able to create when our son is not sick!!!

Thanks Tami for a great experience and capturing a moment in our son’s life that we will cherish for years to come, we look forward to working with you again soon!!”

~Derek, Shelly & Aiden

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